Applications will be reviewed through August. Thank you to everyone who applied.

At least one speaker spot at each event will be offered to an applicant. Speakers will be selected based on their story and field, and mindful of the desire to curate a broad variety of different speakers and stories on each night.

And any questions, just email kim@heroinesjourney.co

Got a great story to share?

Heroine’s Journey is a London-based speaker series that exists to bring together and inspire female change-makers.

Each event brings together three speakers from three different worlds, each of whom has stepped up to a new challenge, created a change, and are ready to share the lessons they have learned.

And this year, we are opening up three speaker places to applicants from our community.

Our speakers have an impact.

They help our audience learn new things, imagine new possibilities and spur us on to new adventures.

So for our autumn season, we’re looking for speakers who will open our eyes to new frontiers.

We are looking for the change-makers.

Women who have stepped up to a big new challenge (either professionally or personally), created a change, and are ready to tell the tale.

Women on a mission to improve the world in some way.

Women who have done something new or unusual.

But mostly, we’re looking for women willing to be generous with their experience and expertise. Sharing the highs, the lows and lessons along the way, with the aim of ultimately inspiring our audience.

What kind of speakers are we looking for?

In short — we love variety.

Among our past speakers we have heard stories of travelling to new lands, starting a game-changing business and charities, trekking across deserts, creating new adventure communities, writing novels and delving into the science archives to discover the lost history of female engineers.

And while we welcome talks on any topic or theme, we would also particularly love to hear about stories from the following fields:

  • Nature, the environment and rewilding

  • Science, technology and invention

  • Art and creativity

  • Women’s empowerment

  • Personal reinvention and development

And finally, we are committed to curating speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, ethnicities and ages.


What’s involved?

A 15min talk sharing a story of your choice with our badass (but welcoming!) audience of around 30 women.

You’ll be speaking alongside two other women from different backgrounds and fields to yours.

And there are breaks throughout the evening for conversations and networking (the good kind, with good people).

We would share your profile across our social platforms with links to your work.

And finally, we work in a cooperative with our speakers, which means that our speakers receive a proportion of the ticket revenues.

Do I need to be a professional speaker?

No you do not.

Sure, some of our speakers have graced international TED stages. But we’ve also had speakers who who have spoken in front of an audience just once or twice.

What matters most is the story, and the confidence to tell it.

And when would it be?

Season 2 kicks off this October, with events upcoming in February and May 2020.

So, tell us your story. We’d love to hear it.

We will be in touch after the application deadline of 31 July.

Photo credits: Daniela Fleckenstein photography