A story from our founder

There’s the real story, and there’s the one that’s designed for the press release.

Both are true, but we’ll start with the latter.

The press release version is that after a working in the land of communications and journalism for nearly twenty years, it had become abundantly clear that we had a problem with our stories.

That an oscar-winning movie with a ‘strong female lead’ was still something to be remarked on.

That a magazine with a female cover-star was still somehow ‘on-trend’.

That despite all the gains in equality and power, there was still a gap in the stories we tell, where men were typically the heroes, and women the supporting cast.

It’s undeniable that this is an issue.

The research shows that the stories we tell literally shape our brains.

They affect what we believe. What we see as normal. What we imagine is possible for ourselves.

Our view of our place in the world is heavily affected by the role models we see around us.

So if we’re going to create a world where women truly can be all they are capable of, we were going to need some new stories.

And so, after months of brainstorming and deliberating (and doubting) and plotting, we put on our first Heroine’s Journey.

30 women. 3 speakers. And a night of such laughter and honesty it genuinely changed my life.

Which is where I will tell you the real story.

Because the real story is that I was lost.

I was 37-years old and felt like I had hit a brick wall.

I was depressed, and it was awful.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do with myself.

What I needed was inspiration, but I didn’t know where to find it.

I couldn’t find the role models I was looking for: adventurous and empowered women charting their own course.

They MUST be there, I thought.

But it wasn’t just about the stories. It was about the connections.

Because somewhere in the busy-ness of women ‘having it all’; of work and families and responsibilities, it seemed like together we had lost something.

Those late nights of conversations where you dream and laugh and plot and plan.

Where you hear of a woman doing something you think is extraordinary, and think, maybe I could do that too.

I heard once that the secret to ‘having purpose’ was to focus on creating the thing you think the world needs.

And so I created Heroine’s Journey.

Because I needed it.

And I imagined that perhaps other women might too.

Three events, 9 speakers and 100+ women later, and it turns out — you do.

You might be surprised by my level of candor.

But that’s part of the point of Heroine’s Journey; to create a place where the real stories are told.

And where the triumphs are all the greater for the highs and the lows.

If you know what I’m talking about here, then I’m glad you’ve found us.

We’ll look forward to meeting you at an event soo.


Kim x

HJ Founder