Because the world needs more female leads.

What is Heroine’s Journey?

Heroine’s Journey exists to connect and inspire female changemakers through the combined power of stories, challenges and community.

We come together to share knowledge and ideas, create new opportunities and ultimately expand our horizons. We do this through a mix of powerful speaker nights and transformative weekend experiences, carefully curated to support and inspire in a female-only environment.

Why women only? Because something magical happens when powerful women gather. And because the more we work together, the greater the positive impact we'll have on the world.

Who is Heroine’s Journey for?

Heroine’s Journey is a place for female changemakers – women who are living adventurously, forging their own path and finding ways to apply their talents to making a difference.

Our events typically attract inspiring women aged 30+, ranging from executives to entrepreneurs, artists to explorers. People from a range of backgrounds who have a wealth of wisdom to share.

If this sounds like you, you identify as female, and want to keep expanding your capabilities with others with a similar mindset, then we would love to welcome you.

Why are we called Heroine’s Journey?

Because we live in a world full of Heroes Journeys. From the movies to histories, fairytales to magazine covers, our lead characters are so typically men.

We believe that it’s time for that to change. The stories we share directly shape our imaginations and ideas about what we’re capable of.

They create an environment where women are cast in supporting roles and our own achievements and struggles played down.

So we want to take that classic Hero’s Journey and put Heroines back at its heart.

Where women are in the lead roles, embarking on adventures and creating change in their worlds. Sharing their stories of the highs and lows, the challenges and achievements, with a wealth of wisdom to share.

How did it all begin?

We started in a basement room of a private members club in London in October 2018, bringing together a select group of women for an experiment in stories.

We heard women of all ages and backgrounds share their adventures starting game-changing charities, becoming published novelists and cycling the length of Britain. The real highs and lows of taking on challenges they thought were impossible, to inspire others to do the same.

The feedback from that night was overwhelming: “we need this”, they said. So since then, we haven’t stopped.

Who organises Heroine’s Journey?

The Heroine’s Journey is run by Kim Willis, working with amazing team of mindset coaches, expedition leaders and experience designers to create events that inspire growth.

Kim is an international journalist, award-winning communications strategist and conference speaker on the power of stories to create change.

She’s passionate about the natural world, community and female empowerment, and created Heroine’s Journey to bring those three things together to help accelerate the impact of women in the world.

She hosts our Heroine’s Journey Nights and will be on every one of our weekend challenges.

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